Team Trainings

Equip your Team to Unlock Engagement, Create Connection, and Maximize Learning Retention at Every Event

The agenda is just the beginning. You need a facilitation and design framework to engage participants so learning and connection happen effortlessly.



The Problem


Often, your team may be frustrated with current programs or tasked with designing new ones without a repeatable framework. While your organization may value connection and engagement, there’s pressure to rush to the ‘real content’. This leads to bored, unengaged attendees. If your organization wants to be a leading place to work, and offer compelling programs for clients and employees – you can’t just do what you’ve always done.

  • Oftentimes the people tasked with organizing internal or external programs have never received formal training in designing events and experiences.

  • Without a cohesive and strategic approach, many events become a random checklist of activities that deliver unpredictable and inconsistent results.

  • For practitioners who have previously received training, it likely varies widely from person to person, creating a knowledge gap that takes time and energy to bridge.
  • In-person events are challenging to translate to a virtual format. Anything that might be boring in-person is 10x more boring online.

Train Your Team to Be Engaging and Effective Facilitators

After an Experience Design or Facilitation Training, your team will be able to produce transformative in-person and virtual meetings, workshops, trainings and conferences that create exponential impact, in less time than ever before.

Our Clients

Customizable Facilitation and Design Trainings

Available In-Person, Virtually or Hybrid




Connection By Design

2-hour Program

Looking to uplevel your team’s experience design skills? In this highly interactive session, participants will learn the essential elements of designing human-centered experiences that create psychological safety, and help groups and teams to develop meaningful lasting connections. The easy-to-apply frameworks and principles shared will fundamentally change the way your team thinks about creating curriculum for in-person and virtual programs, resulting in shared vocabulary, increased continuity and greater impact for all of your company’s events.


Facilitation Finesse

Select from 8 two hour modules

In this highly interactive session, teams will learn and apply best practices to facilitate both in-person and virtual experiences so that participants walk away feeling seen, heard and valued. Gain practical tools to troubleshoot challenges that arise in real time, while bringing more humanity, levity, and playfulness into meetings, trainings, and any kind of program.


Virtual Meeting Mastery

2-hour Program

Knowing how to facilitate virtual meetings that are interactive, engaging and meaningful is an essential leadership skill that is only growing in demand. In this highly interactive session, your team will learn immediately applicable bite-sized tools to engage and connect participants that can be used to invigorate meetings of any size on any topic.

Note: this program is only delivered virtually on Zoom.



Designing Offsites that Actually Matter

2-hour Program

If your team is regularly designing offsites, onsites and retreats, this program will provide the structure and tools to turn these important events into a strategic powerhouse that drive lasting change.


Looking for a more custom experience?

We offer experience design consulting, offsite facilitation and custom trainings to help your team build connection, drive engagement and create lasting transformation. 


The training sessions that the Scaling Intimacy team delivered stood out from other trainings we’ve done for our team. We’ve already seen a number of our team members incorporating parts of the training into their own sessions. There is no doubt that we will continue to revisit this training for many years ahead!

Brandon Vetsch, Director, Category Insights, Target

This training has transformed our organization’s online experiences. She provided important frameworks to improve our planning of both virtual team meetings and external events and concrete tools that we could implement right away. Our team feels measurably more confident and adept in leading online gatherings – with audience feedback to prove it.

Tali Shmulov, COO, itrek

Our DEI and Talent Development team really benefited from a Virtual Connection + Engagement workshop that we did with Julia Winston. She guided us through exemplary virtual exercises that we could replicate in our work while also helping us connect more deeply as a team. The workshop also spurred us to consider how we can continue to harness the power of virtual connection as we look ahead at moving to a hybrid work environment.

Jared Hoffman, Senior Leadership Development Partner, CreditKarma

After completing the Facilitation Finesse training series, our trainers applied their newly-learned skills and strategies to their sessions and the end-result in terms of learner engagement and experience far surpassed our expectations. This training works!

Sasha Esmailian, Learning + Development Specialist, AppsFlyer

This was far and away the most engaging facilitation training I’ve ever done. The learning design was simple AND powerful. I thought I didn’t need it going into it but I most certainly did. Required for every experience designer and event producer.

Smiley Poswolksy, Author and Workplace Belonging Keynote Speaker

It was fantastic to work with Jenny and Alex, who are very much aligned with us on the philosophy of facilitation. We had a good idea of what we wanted going into this experience, but Jenny made it even better than we imagined. The design sessions provided a productive back-and-forth and we were thrilled with the final product. The participants got a lot out of the training and were very complimentary of Jenny’s approach.

Jill Cowan, Assistant Director, Leadership Lab Experience

Jenny’s secret sauce is that she not only tells you (quite clearly) how to engage and connect an audience, but also shows you. It’s an all-in experience that’s never boring.

Susan Masson, Program Manager, Office of Talent and Innovation, The University of Texas System

Many thanks for a terrific training! I learned a lot and have a bunch of new ideas I can’t wait to put into practice.
There is no doubt that we will continue to revisit this training for many years ahead!
The presenter did a fantastic job. She was so organized, knew the platform very well, was very articulate, and was able to adapt her responses to her audience.
Thanks for a great workshop…Best two hours of work so far this month!

The speaker was great and kept me engaged. Loved the breakout room activities.
The speaker was so engaging and interactive. Rather than tell us how to make Zoom meetings better, she showed us. After just two hours I have very effective but simple strategies I can use right away.
The “hands on” activities allowed us to make connections and made it more enjoyable to be part of a 2-hour training. At no point was I bored.



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