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If your organization wants to be on the leading edge
and offer compelling online programs to your audience,

you can’t just do what you’ve always done. You need new tools to beat Zoom fatigue, and design experiences with engagement and interaction at the core.

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The Problem:
  • Oftentimes the people tasked with organizing internal or external programs have never received formal training in designing events and experiences.

  • Without a cohesive and strategic approach, many events become a random checklist of activities that deliver unpredictable and inconsistent results.

  • For practitioners who have previously received training, it likely varies widely from person to person, creating a knowledge gap that takes time and energy to bridge.

  • In-person events are challenging to translate to a virtual format. Anything that might be boring in-person is 10x more boring online.

Our Clients

After an Experience Design Training, your team will be able to produce transformative virtual meetings, workshops, trainings and conferences that create exponential impact, in less time than ever before.



Virtual Connection & Engagement Training

2 hours, Virtual on Zoom

Knowing how to facilitate virtual events that are interactive, dynamic and meaningful is an essential leadership skill that is only growing in demand. Whether you are planning a meeting, training, workshop or conference, you will learn immediately applicable tools to engage your audience and create a feeling of intimacy amongst attendees.


Designing Exceptional Experiences

4 hours, Virtual on Zoom

In this half-day experience, teams and groups will learn the fundamentals of the Scaling Intimacy approach to Experience Design, creating a shared vocabulary that will make your event design process faster, easier and more impactful.


Scaling Intimacy Experience Design Training

1 or 2 days, Virtual on Zoom

In this highly experiential intensive training, you will gain tools to design both in-person and virtual experiences that maximize the impact for your employees or audience, using our easy-to-apply event template. Learn how to strategically weave connection into the fabric of your events so that participants walk away feeling transformed, inspired, and part of a community.


Facilitation Finesse

3 hours, Virtual on Zoom

In this highly experiential training, you will learn and apply best practices to facilitate both in-person and virtual experiences that maximize the impact for your audience. Learn how to implement the 5 Steps to Great Facilitation so that participants walk away feeling seen, heard and valued. You will gain practical and accessible tools to cultivate authentic relationships amongst team members, and bring more humanity, levity, and playfulness into the way you lead meetings, trainings, and any kind of program.


Play on Purpose Facilitator Training

3 hours, Virtual on Zoom

Learn how to masterfully facilitate connection activities from the Play on Purpose library that you can lead virtually right away in upcoming meetings, events and trainings. Your team will gain practical and accessible tools to cultivate authentic relationships amongst team members, and bring more humanity, levity, and playfulness into your daily lives at work.


This training has transformed our organization’s online experiences. She provided important frameworks to improve our planning of both virtual team meetings and external events and concrete tools that we could implement right away. Our team feels measurably more confident and adept in leading online gatherings – with audience feedback to prove it.

Tali Shmulov, COO, itrek

Jenny’s secret sauce is that she not only tells you (quite clearly) how to engage and connect an audience, but also shows you. It’s an all-in experience that’s never boring.

Susan Masson, Program Manager, Office of Talent and Innovation, The University of Texas System

Many thanks for a terrific training! I learned a lot and have a bunch of new ideas I can’t wait to put into practice.
This was the best virtual training session I’ve participated in!
The presenter did a fantastic job. She was so organized, knew the platform very well, was very articulate, and was able to adapt her responses to her audience.
Thanks for a great workshop…Best two hours of work so far this month!

The speaker was great and kept me engaged. Loved the breakout room activities.
The speaker was so engaging and interactive. Rather than tell us how to make Zoom meetings better, she showed us. After just two hours I have very effective but simple strategies I can use right away.
The “hands on” activities allowed us to make connections and made it more enjoyable to be part of a 2-hour training. At no point was I bored.
Jenny Sauer-Klein
Founder & CEO Scaling Intimacy & Play on Purpose
Julia Winston
Senior Facilitator
Facilitator, Executive Coach, Executive Designer & Podcast Host
Adam Rosendahl
Senior Facilitator
Founder, Late Nite Art

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