The Offsite Audit

Make your offsite an experience your team won’t stop talking about for months!




 The Offsite Audit is a 90 minute strategy session where we review your offsite agenda to optimize engagement, connection, and lasting impact.


We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of investing months of time and energy into planning an offsite, only to feel like our efforts were wasted. 🙁

  • Content overload – the day feels crammed with a never-ending checklist of updates and information
  • Lack of engagement – people are zoned out, not participating, and stepping out to attend other meetings
  • Disorganized planning and execution – the experience feels chaotic and confusing, and the leaders are unclear and ineffective
  • Unaddressed team dynamics – cultural issues and interpersonal tension gets in the way of making progress as a group
  • Lack of follow through – without an action plan and clear accountability, nothing changes back at the office

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Don’t waste this opportunity to get strategic support with your plan so you can catalyze connection, build culture, and drive change. 

We’ve consulted on dozens of offsites for companies like Google, Genentech, Airbnb and the Clean Energy Council, and we know what it takes to create offsites that actually matter and produce meaningful shifts in high performance teams. 

The Offsite Audit is an efficient way to get targeted feedback for your unique needs, save time and money in your design process, and make the most of the offsite experience.

Team Leaders
planning an upcoming offsite for their teams
Coaches and Consultants
who are designing an offsite for their clients

Jenny mixes a powerful combination of play with tools for teams to work through transitions, culture issues and creativity breakthroughs. She never crosses the line into ‘hokey’ and keeps teams out of their comfort zone while learning and having fun. If you’re looking to lead your team to a new level of engagement, Jenny and her team will take you there.

Tia Newcomer, VP Marketing, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

We pride ourselves on already having a tightly bonded team with a great culture, yet our people walked out of the room saying they experienced greater levels of trust and connection to the team, felt better able to communicate effectively, and most importantly felt safer to take risks and share creative ideas with their co-workers.  I can’t think of anything more valuable.

David Hassell, CEO, 15Five

The retreat was fluid, embodied, fun, connected and intimate thanks to all your support. I think we incorporated almost every single thing you taught us from how to run breakout groups, getting feedback, coming to silence, and using all your games. Thank you for your efficiency that helped us cover so much material in such a short time. And also for your fantastic notes that helped our team get all up to speed so fast.

Leah Pearlman, leadership coach MergeLane, author Dharma Comics

By all accounts, our retreat was a huge success and really could have not gone better. It was a complete pleasure to work with you throughout the planning phase, and then to see you in action at our retreat.  You have a real gift, and you helped our team achieve level of understanding, appreciation, connection and gratitude for each other that would not have been possible without you.

Steve Holman, Founding Partner, Clean Energy Counsel

  1. Schedule your Audit. After purchase, we will reach out to schedule your Audit. We recommend scheduling your audit 3-4 weeks before your offsite. 
  2. Prepare your agenda. All you need for a productive audit is to bring an editable outline of your existing agenda.
  3. The Audit. Walk through your agenda in real time with one of our experience design experts, pausing for questions and recommendations as we go. 
  4. Implement. We will provide summary of action items and any additional resources to help you take the offsite across the finish line.

⭐️ Plus – As soon as you book your audit, you will get access to educational resources to help prime your thinking and accelerate your design process.


  • 90 minute custom review of your offsite agenda with one of our senior experience design consultants, to optimize for engagement, connection and impact
  • PDF of 100 conversational icebreaker questions to unlock connection and engagement in any group 
  • 1 Lifetime membership to Play On Purpose, our on-demand searchable resource of video tutorials of over 80 in-person and virtual games, designed to make leading new team building activities easy
  • 10 page PDF with our essential experience design frameworks and tools, to upskill your internal team for every offsite you ever create

Offsite for Offsites Special! Book an audit by June 30 and receive a $200 discount ($750)







💡 Looking for more in-depth support? Would you like a thought partner to guide you through the design process every step of the way, and make sure your offsite gets rave reviews?  Contact us to schedule a discovery call now.

ADD-ON – Facilitation Coaching 

Are you having someone on your internal team lead the offsite and want to make sure it goes off without a hitch? 

In this targeted session, we’ll bring our wealth of experience leading high stakes engagements to catapult your offsite leader’s ability to deliver a seamless experience and handle anything that might come up.

We can support your offsite facilitator with nuanced feedback on:

  • Leadership presence and confidence in front of the room
  • Keeping the group engaged and encouraging active participation
  • Creating an inclusive environment that welcomes all voices
  • Delivering clear instructions and leading impactful debriefs
  • Managing time and adjusting your plan on the fly

What’s Included:

  • 90 minute customized coaching session to get real time feedback on your presence, delivery, and clarity. The session can be focused on any elements of the agenda that are urgent and important to you.  
  • 15 page PDF with our 4 Facets of Great Facilitation, including the essential frameworks to set your offsite leader up for success.
  • Email follow up with a summary of action items and any additional resources to help you take the offsite across the finish line. 
Add a 90 minute Facilitation Coaching Session for an additional $500


💡 Want to lean on decades of professional experience and have someone from our team to lead your offsite instead?  Contact us to schedule a discovery call now.

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