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​Be at the Forefront of your Field

You long for a peer group that will accelerate your growth as an experience designer and facilitator.

You want to get unstuck and expand your repertoire with fresh material and cutting-edge tools.

You need a community to help you see a bigger vision for yourself and have more impact than you ever dreamed.

In this Mastermind, you will get the support to reach the next level of your purpose, passion, and influence.

Hear what previous participants had to say about their experience

Expand your Network and your Comfort Zone

You will learn with and from each other, in a curated community of Experience Designers who are ready to connect, contribute and collaborate. 

This group can be an invaluable network of resources, sharing inspiring ideas from their business and practice, as well as potential access to new clients and collaborative opportunities.

Being witnessed and uplifted in a cohort of high caliber collaborators will support each participant to go further, think bigger, and act bolder.


The core of the Mastermind are 5 training intensives where you will learn Jenny’s time-tested techniques and tools, as well as the best practices and exercises from the group.

Each participant will get expert guidance and mentorship from Jenny, who has been designing and facilitating experiences for over 20 years to tens of thousands of people around the world and with leading organizations like Google, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Genentech.

You will learn with and from your fellow participants, and share your zones of genius and areas of expertise with each other, creating deep connections and opportunities for creative growth.

There will be homework assignments to continue the learning in between the training sessions, as well as design and facilitation exercises during each intensive to practice applying your new skills and receive real-time feedback from your peers.


A Worldbridger is a master translator who draws upon a vast array of tools to create epic experiences for any audience. You bring the fringe into the mainstream, you take tradition and turn it upside down. You thrive in a state of innovation and are always hungry to be at the leading edge of your craft. You bring your full authentic self to your work and give your participants permission to do the same. You lead experiences that invoke the full spectrum of what it means to be human.

My experience in Worldbridgers is, in a word… TRANSFORMATIONAL. I went from dabbling in this work with a tiny lingering bit of self-doubt as to how I could seamlessly integrate experiential and play-based activities with a high ticket corporate facing offering To having a full-blown and detailed high ticket offer that is sooo aligned with my core values and is already designed, launched, and gaining traction. And the space I was able to let go of perfection paralysis and really learn to experiment and play with my work in a way that makes what one seemed burdensome so now I feel like an easy lift where I know I am serving and not selling.If you are on the fence, just do it! For me, Worldbridgers = Best Decision Ever

Tiffany Gratton-McDuffie, Founder, She PLAYS

In the beginning, I was full of self-doubt and hesitant to be a part of this group. I was harsh on myself, felt alone in my professional path, and undervalued my facilitation and experience design skills. However, through my journey, I learned to let go of my self-doubts, lean into a trusted and loving learning community and Worldbridger family, honed my experience design skills (at an accelerated pace!), trust my worth, and genuinely own my genius! As a result, I can now say, with authenticity, that I am an Experience Designer. I highly recommend this to anyone who is: 1. motivated to change peoples’ hearts and minds by designing transformational experiences and 2. committed to self-growth, giving and receiving generously within a caring and intentional learning community, and amplifying your genius for the people and communities you want to serve!

Ban Ishii, Engagement Manager, Headspace

I think the beauty of Jenny’s program is that you come away and the next day you literally have a thousand new ideas to implement immediately and have the confidence to mix them up and really create them as your own. 

Jennifer Conti-Davies, Executive Coaching + Leadership Development, Verizon Media

These are people who you feel comfortable revealing and showing up with parts of yourself that have been perhaps tender or still in development. When you show up and are celebrated as the work in progress that you are, you realize, wow, I can be OK and powerful. I can be a work in progress and still have an impact.

Norman Tran, CEO + Co-founder, The Space Between

  • Stay on the Leading Edge: Be able to deftly translate your programs between in-person, virtual and hybrid models, and know best practices for each format. Track current trends in events and experiences and contribute to the evolution of the field.
  • Developing Fresh Content: Amplify your impact and wow your audience every time with innovative content. Learn how to reinvent exercises in 100 ways based on your theme, audience and context. Lead new activities from the Play On Purpose library to expand your comfort zone as a facilitator. 
  • Expand Your Influence: Be able to make alternative practices (such as movement, music, drawing, writing, meditation, and mindfulness) accessible and relevant to a sophisticated audience. Address your biggest facilitation fears and challenges, so you can confidently command any room.
  • Your Zone of Genius: Clarify and communicate your unique gifts as an experience designer and facilitator. Create a workshop based on your genius and teach it to others in the Mastermind while also learning from their expertise.
  • Fluency with the Dramatic Arc: Iterate the design of your events using the Dramatic Arc Template, so you can rapidly prototype any event (meeting, conference, training) for any length of time for any purpose with ease. 
  • Marketing Magic: Deep dive into creating messaging for yourself and your services to your ideal audience, whether you work internal or external to an organization, including your bio, event titles and descriptions, and copy you can use on your website and promotional materials.
  • Money Mindset + Sales: Discover how you can deliver more value and raise your money ceiling. Get the inside scoop on best business practices from our industry, including examples of SOWs, contracts, and proposals that work.

“Transformational” is a word I don’t use lightly but I use it unequivocally to describe my experience in this Mastermind. From the inspiring leaders – Jenny and Joanna – to the rich content to the talented community of fellow participants. I’ve learned and grown as an experience designer, facilitator and human well beyond anything I expected. If you’re lucky enough to be part of the next one, you will not be disappointed!

Katy Mooney, Founder, Katy Mooney Consulting

I was able to learn so much and that is influencing how I think, not just about live experience design, but about products, about companies, about the teams that I lead, about myself as a leader and an executive in the tech world. What you’ll learn here will allow you to amplify what you do in the world regardless of what it is. And you’ll have lasting community connections to support and help you in that journey. 

JP Labrosse, EVP Marketing + Product, Supernatural

If you are in your comfort zone right now and you want to be pushed to where you want to go next, this is probably a really good program because we’re not going to stay in our comfort zone here. We’re going to look for what the edge is and what feels just a little bit scary.

Kim Han, Community Building + Business Consultant

There’s a huge spectrum of experience and everyone was able to hit their edge and get what they needed because of this cross pollination of learning, and that Jenny was able to provide a platform that helped everyone elevate to the next level, no matter where they were. 

Adam Rosendahl, Chief Experience Officer, LATE NITE ART

  • You are a coach, consultant, trainer, facilitator, educator, entrepreneur, HR leader, L+D specialist, founder, organizational leader, community builder, or social artist.
  • ​You regularly design and deliver events and programs that shift people in meaningful ways.
  • You have been designing and facilitating events for at least 5 years. The scope of your work might encompass programs, trainings, workshops, classes, gatherings, retreats, summits, conferences or some combination of elements.
  • You are confident in your skill set, AND you know that there is always a higher degree of mastery to be discovered. You are open to receiving feedback, and you’re excited to grow personally and professionally.
  • You are ready to join a community of Experience Designers where you can both receive inspiration from others and contribute your genius.

In order to get the most out of the Mastermind experience, all participants are required to take our signature Designing Dynamic Experiences training where you will learn all the essential frameworks of this approach to Experience Design.

The Value


  • UNIQUE TRAINING: This is the only in-depth training out there that focuses on designing human-centered transformational experiences that create connection with a high caliber cohort. You can’t get this education anywhere else.
  • CURATED COMMUNITY: This cohort is limited to 24 participants. Each individual in the group is hand-picked by me, and each participant must meet prerequisites, and go through an application process. The result is a group of generous and experienced practitioners who come from diverse backgrounds to create a rich melting pot of learning.
  • MASTERMIND EXPERIENCE: I have participated in and organized a number of mastermind programs before, as well as designed certification programs and certified hundreds of teachers, so I am confident you will receive a high quality experience. My goal is to over-deliver for you!
  • PROXIMITY IS POWER: The curation of this high caliber group sets everyone up to reap great rewards on many levels, with a highly valuable skill set and access to new collaborations and clients. The course could quickly pay for itself from the opportunities that come through the connections in this network.
  • SHAVE YEARS OFF OF TRIAL AND ERROR: I share all my best tools and techniques that I have learned in 20 years of full time experience design and facilitation practice. Through what you learn, you will avoid years of costly mistakes, so that you can take a quantum leap in your practice now.
  • OPPORTUNITY FOR MENTORSHIP: I don’t take on individual coaching clients, so this is the only opportunity to receive mentorship from me as an experience designer.

When it comes to the return on my investment for the experience design mastermind, I would say that I’ve already gotten back what I put in. The connections that I’ve made with the people here and the progress I’ve made on a project that means a lot to me, that I felt stuck trying to push forward on my own. The money I spent is nothing compared to the way that it will come back to me as I continue building out my vision.

Julia Winston, Chief Culture Officer + Experience Design Consultant

It was challenging for me to invest in something like this. And in a one day workshop, I was able to make at least $4000. And honestly, I think the workshop may have been within me even before I took this program, but it wouldn’t have been pushed out of me and especially in this timing. So that’s already about half of the investment.

Kim Han, Community Building + Business Consultant


Graduates of the Worldbridgers Mastermind will be potentially eligible to:

GET REFERRALS to help you gain exposure and opportunities for your unique work

ASSIST Jenny at trainings and future mastermind programs

FACILITATE at events as part of Jenny’s team

APPRENTICE with Jenny in her private consulting business


Find yourself in excellent company. Graduates of the 2019 Mastermind include:

  • Directors in Learning + Development from Verizon Media
  • Executive Leadership Coaches + Culture Consultants
  • Chief Culture Officer of a private equity firm
  • Head of Global Community at Consciousness Hacking
  • Founder and Chief Experience Officer at LATE NITE ART
  • Co-Founder + Co-CEO of Adventure Architects, outdoor team building company


What is your cancellation/transfer policy?

Once you accept your place in the program and put down a deposit, fees for the Mastermind are non-refundable. Because this program is limited to a small number of practitioners, we ask that you be able to fully commit to the program to ensure consistency and the best possible experience for all.

If you are doing a payment plan, a $3000 non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of your acceptance into the program. If you need to cancel your space prior to the start of the program, no additional payments will be collected. After the program begins, all payments on a payment plan will be due, regardless of participation. 

If extenuating circumstances arise, we will work with you on an individual basis to discuss cancellation and refund or transfer options. 

How is this different from the Scaling Intimacy program?

Scaling Intimacy is the introduction to this body of work and focuses on the application of the Dramatic Arc Event Template. It is open to the public and often has 100+ attendees. The Mastermind is a curated cohort of 24 experienced practitioners. The curriculum assumes familiarity with the Dramatic Arc and the Scaling Intimacy approach to experience design, and builds off that with multiple design and facilitation projects, as well as training in the business of experience design. As well, much of the learning comes from the contributions of fellow members, and the course is customized to cater to the wants and needs of the specific group.

Will I receive any certification or credential?

The Mastermind is a practitioner’s intensive and is not a certification program, although we are happy to provide certificates of completion for anyone who attends all the sessions. The Mastermind is a prerequisite for our experience design certification program which will launch in 2023

Do I need to attend every session?

Yes, we do ask that you are available to attend all Intensives and be present for the full duration of the experience. This is to ensure the best possible experience for all participants. If you have a known scheduling conflict, please reach out to us before applying.

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