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January 23, 2024

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Facilitation is a high-demand leadership skill that is now expected from anyone who leads groups or teams. Regardless of your role, whether you’re a manager, organizational leader, coach, consultant, or educator – you have the power to unlock the potential of any audience.

This highly interactive and experiential workshop is designed to familiarize you with the essential facilitation skills to pave the way for your personal and professional growth. Throughout the workshop, you will delve into the Four Facets of Great Facilitation and how to apply them in your own practice. You’ll leave with new methods, tools and principles that you can immediately apply to engage any group you’re working with.

Learning is better together

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with other participants, share your experience as a facilitator, and engage in discussions around challenges you currently face in your facilitation journey. Join a collaborative learning environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute their insights, feedback, resources, and ideas.

This interactive session is a taste of our comprehensive 4-week Facilitation Finesse cohort-based training, which will unlock your potential as a masterful facilitator.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a clear understanding of what facilitation is: Learn the core principles and concepts covered in the “Four Facets of Great Facilitation” and how you can create engaging and impactful experiences for participants.
  • Facilitation methods you can implement immediately: Each step includes practical tips and tools to immediately uplevel your facilitation. 
  • Experience the frameworks in action: We role model the techniques we teach during the session itself, so you will have a direct experience of how the approach works to foster connection and psychological safety. 
  • Connect with an inspiring community: Interact with fellow participants, and participate in a collaborative learning environment, where everyone’s contributions are valued.
  • Access additional resources: Receive a PDF of the workshop slides, access to the call recording, and supplementary resources for further learning. 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are leading people and curious about possible frameworks to support your professional growth.  
  • You have been facilitating for 1-10 years, and are seeking to grow your facilitation practice and uplevel your skills. 
  • You’re tired of facilitating in an echo chamber and are looking for a community of collaborators who get it.
  • You’re a coach, consultant, internal organizational program leader (People Ops, L+D, DEI), educator, or trainer who leads events and experiences for groups.
  • You’re interested in potentially learning more about our signature 4-week Facilitation Finesse training, and would like to get more of a sense of what the program is about.


Julia Winston
Senior Facilitator


Julia Winston is a master facilitator, experience designer and executive coach serving leaders, teams and families to cultivate purpose, clarity and connection in the workplace and beyond. With 20 years of experience as a facilitator and 10 years as a business leader, Julia not only serves organizations as a consultant and advisor; she also trains and teaches facilitation and experience design to industry leaders around the world. Julia works with groups ranging from bootstrapped startups and mid-sized software businesses, to nonprofits and universities, to private equity and wealth management firms. She loves creating fun, warm, inclusive environments where people engage across levels of tenure and seniority to get to the heart of human connection and shared purpose. When she’s not working and podcasting, you can find Julia hosting dinner parties and family gatherings because, well, it’s an addiction: she just can’t stop facilitating.

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Registration for this program has ended. Please email us at connect@scalingintimacy.com if you would like to register.

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