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Facilitation Finesse for Managers

January 18, 2024

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Facilitation is a high-demand leadership skill that is now expected from anyone who leads groups or teams. Join us for this invite-only workshop for people and culture leaders to preview our new team training Facilitation Finesse for Managers. 

This workshop will give you a taste of this new experience, specifically designed to support managers with essential skills and tools to thrive in their role as a facilitator during team meetings, 1:1s, strategy sessions and more. 


Julia Winston
Senior Facilitator


With 20 years of experience as a facilitator and 10 years as a business leader, Julia Winston not only consults, advises, mentors and coaches across industries and sectors, but also trains and teaches facilitation and experience design to other industry leaders around the world. Formerly the Chief Culture Officer of Alpine Investors, a people-first private equity firm with over $15B in assets under management, Julia pioneered a leadership and organizational development program to align growing companies around vision, mission and values, and led a team of coaches and facilitators to support 50+ businesses through mergers, acquisitions and leadership transitions. Julia works with groups ranging from bootstrapped startups and mid-sized software businesses, to nonprofits and universities, to private equity and wealth management firms. Julia brings a warm, inclusive and playful vibe as she pushes leaders and groups into their stretch zones on the path to personal, professional and organizational growth.


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