By Jenny Sauer-Klein

Are you feeling stuck in your practice or isolated in your work? Are you ready for a career change or about to start a new project and you know there’s a gap in your skill set?

As an entrepreneur for my entire career, I’ve crossed each of these junctions several times.

In the video below I take on the often uncomfortable topic of MONEY 🤑 and I reveal the BIG LEAP I took in 2013 to take my business to the next level.✨

If you are wondering about how you can feel confident charging more for your offerings or move into a new class of clients, it actually starts with you investing in yourself. You must be willing to spend the money that you’re looking to charge, so that you know what it takes to buy-in as a participant or client.

Watch this video if you’re pretty sure you’re ready to invest in your own professional development, but the price tag is holding you back. You’ll learn how to step courageously into your stretch zone so you can own your value, access new opportunities and have the impact on the world that you know you’re capable of. Take a look…