Making a One-Day Team Offsite Impactful for the Whole Year: Strategies for Remote and Hybrid Teams

by Jenny Sauer-Klein



One-day offsites for remote and hybrid teams are unique opportunities to catalyze team dynamics, develop culture and productivity for an entire year.

In an era where teams are mostly communicating online, these in-person gatherings can be transformative, but they require thoughtful planning to make a lasting impact. ✴️

Avoid Wasting Precious Time

Don’t make the mistake of squandering offsite hours on day-to-day tasks. These activities don’t require face-to-face interactions and don’t contribute to long-term change. Instead, your offsite should be for deep work – strategic planning, relationship building, and creative thinking that can fuel progress for months to come. 🧪

🔄 To make a lasting impact, change the balance of your content:


Leverage Asynchronous Elements

When reviewing your  agenda, look for elements that can be done asynchronously, virtually or in a 1 hour meeting. 


  • Lectures
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Reports
  • Announcements
  • One-way Keynotes
  • Briefings

These activities should be changed to pre-work or follow-up meetings, to make the most of the live in-person time. Your offsite is an opportunity to do collaborative work that thrives on interaction, discussion and exchanging ideas.

Maximize In-Person Group Time

You want to adopt the mindset of maximizing the live group in-person experience, especially for remote and hybrid teams where being together is rare. When bringing a team together in person, prioritize time for collaboration, team building, and culture development. 

⭐️ Prioritize activities that truly benefit from being done in person:

  • Round Table Discussions
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Problem-Solving 
  • Rapid Prototyping 
  • Culture Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Bonding

👀 When you focus on building trust, rapport, and psychological safety you can build a cohesive team culture that lasts long after the offsite is done. 🤝

In fact, your team members will be 69% more likely to remember what they learned when they have time to collaborate, ask questions, interact with each other and practice what they learn. 

When you think about making the impact of your one day offsite last for an entire year, do as much as you can to involve your team, help them collaborate and make the most of this in-person experience!


🔑 Key Strategies for Offsite Organizers 

If you’re designing an offsite for a remote or hybrid team, remember these key strategies to make your impact last well after the offsite is over:

  1. Prioritize Deep Work: Align offsite activities with strategic and creative tasks that have long-term impacts.
  2. Design for the In-Person: Plan for activities that are most effective in-person
  3. Pre and Post Offsite Planning: Move less interactive elements to pre-work or follow-up.
  4. Build Collaborative Relationships: Focus your efforts on creating a culture of communication, feedback, accountability, and prioritization.


If you want more support in creating an offsite agenda with exponential impact, sign up for our Designing an Offsite that Actually Matters workshop or book an Offsite Audit to get customized feedback on optimizing your agenda for engagement, connection and lasting impact.